Find out more about LocalVets.

Local Vets was founded with the love of animals. The founder and owner of the business started out over a decade ago when he found his passion for animal care and wanted to offer a local, friendly service. Stemming from this, we grew from strength to strength, soon realizing the demand to expand was extremely high.

We Care For All Pets, Big & Small

We see all small animals from cats and dogs to guinea pigs and mice and are a well-equipped small animal veterinary practice with clinics in Halesowen and Oldbury, with 24-hour emergency care available, and accept referrals from across the whole of the UK. We can be your Local Vets if you live in Stourbridge, Oldbury, Dudley, Brierley Hill, and other areas within the Birmingham area.

Although we cater for all small animals, we are renowned for being a bulldog practice. Our senior vet Rumen is a Cambridge Approved Boas assessor and trained under Tom Bingham for many years. His knowledge and experience with bull breeds were certainly passed down the line.

What most vets would refer out, we can do in the house due to our team’s experience; Entropion, BOAS, Cherry Eye, Cruciate Ligament Repair other bulldog treatments are all performed in-house. Read more about what we offer on our services page. You can rest easy knowing that we understand your bulldog, Frenchie, or Pug and can offer a level of care that is specifically tailored to them.

Our priority is offering the best care at the best price possible. Our dedicated team of vets and nurses will do everything in their power to ensure they give 5* treatment to your beloved pet.

Our Services

Alongside the Bulldog services we provide here at Local Vets, we also provide Dog and Cat Vaccinations, Microchipping, Advanced Blood Tests, Dog Pregnancy Scans, Dog C-sections, Dog and Cat Neutering, Bulldog knowledge, Dog and Cat Euthanasia and 24/7 Emergency care.


We also offer Animal Health Certificates, Rabies Vaccinations, and Fit To Fly for Travelling