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What's Special About A Bulldog Veterinary Facility?

Bulldogs might need a different kind of care. We are bulldog vets who can help treat your bulldog! Read below for more information.


Bulldog Vet

Your bulldog may require different types of services that may be given out to other dogs. Bulldogs are purposefully bred, and this means they are susceptible to certain different types of health issues that may not be seen in other dogs.

Bulldogs are at risk from other kinds of health problems, such as:


  • Cherry Eye: Bulldogs have a third eyelid, which is normally hidden. However, when their eyelid becomes misplaced or dispositioned the pink or red coloured bit of mass is uncovered, revealing a protrusion around the eyelid. As part of our Bulldog Vet team, Local Vets have qualified Bulldog Vets on hand to help treat Cherry Eye. Read more about our cherry eye treatment here.


  • Brachycephalic Syndrome (Soft Palette): This is a common occurrence in bulldogs and other flat faced dogs. Often flat-faced dogs have been bred in a certain way, but this can come with common related health issues such as Soft Palette. This is where your bulldog’s breathing may be impaired due to airway blockages. Symptoms of Brachycephalic syndrome include snoring, nasal discharge, and easily getting out of breath from exercising. Read more about soft palate here, and how our bulldog specialist vets can help treat it.


  • Dermatological Issues: Bulldogs might encounter skin problems that other dogs don’t experience, due to their extra layers of skin covering the face. Having this excess skin means they are more susceptible to bacterial problems in the skin. If your bulldog requires dermatology treatment as part of our bulldog specialist vet services, then read more about our dermatology treatment for bulldogs here
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Our veterinary practices are located in Oldbury and Halesowen, ideally located near Birmingham!

If you are looking for a bulldog vet in Halesowen or Oldbury then please get in touch with us today! Our Halesowen base and Oldbury vets are kitted out with top quality equipment, with a bulldog vet team! Click here for a virtual browse through Local Vets Halesowen and Oldbury.

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