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If you’re looking for a Bulldog Vet Near Me to attend to your pet’s specialist needs, then we can help at Local Vets. Due to their physical conformation, Bulldogs are prone to serious health and welfare issues such as severe respiratory difficulties, skin disorders, joint problems, and dental issues.

We strongly advise owners to select a healthier breed, crossbreed, or mongrel due to the possibility of suffering caused by breeding for exaggerated physical traits rather than health and function.

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How We Specialise In Bulldog Veterinary Care

Local Vets love all animals, but bulldogs have a particular place in our hearts! This makes us a perfect choice should you be searching for a Bulldog vet near me as well as being an emergency vet in Birmingham.

Our whole crew has prior expertise with bull breeds and understands how to care for them. We recognise their eccentricities; that they are a little chunkier than others, a little wrinklier than most, and a lot more stubborn than most, but we love them warts and all.

Rumen, our surgeon, had his training from Tom Bingham (the renowned bulldog specialist). He spent years learning the ins and outs of this magnificent breed, which he has passed on to our entire crew, from the receptionist to the vets and nurses.

Importance Of Choosing Local Vets As Bulldog vet near me

With a love for animals, we have developed our service to provide appropriate and relevant care to all animals, including our favorite breeds, Bulldogs. Local Vets is a team of qualified and specialised veterinarians who can give the best care for both your pet and you.

Our experienced and compassionate team has the experience required to care for your pet's requirements, and all of our veterinarians and nurses have undertaken the highest levels of training to ensure the best possible treatment as a French Bulldog vet near me.

we provide a range of specialised services including screw tail, cherry eye, skin infections are more as a bulldog vet near me

Health Related Problems With The Bulldog Breed

Some of the features and health issues related with Bulldogs that you should be aware of include:

Joint diseases

Such as elbow and hip dysplasia, arise when joints do not grow properly, resulting in degenerative joint disease. Bone and joint disorders can be controlled, but there are programmes to screen your dog to assess how prone they are to develop these joint problems.

Cherry Eye

The term "cherry eye" refers to protrusion of the third eyelid gland. This is the stage at which the gland begins to emerge from the corner of the eye. Cherry eye is a painful illness that, in some situations, can lead to complications such as conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers, which is why our skilled team of veterinarians is on standby to treat your ailing pet.

Tail issues

The bones in a Bulldog's tail can form wrongly, causing the tail to become inverted or 'corkscrew.' This might cause nerve difficulties in the surrounding area, necessitating surgical intervention. The large skin fold around the tail, known as skin fold pyoderma, is more usually infected.

Skin infections

Bulldogs have a lot of excess skin, especially around their faces, which folds over and produces skin fold pyoderma when bacteria builds up in the folds.

Eyelid issues

Such as entropion and ectropion, arise in Bulldogs as a result of extra skin around the face and eyes. This skin causes the eyelids to droop either downwards or inwards, rubbing and irritating the eye and causing issues. We can tend to this issue though at our facilities as a Bulldog Vet Near Me.


Bulldogs shoulders are quite massive in comparison to their diminutive hindquarters and pelvic bones. This can result in difficulties giving delivery spontaneously, and Bulldogs frequently require a caesarean section to give birth.

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