Screw Tail

Screw tail is due to a malformation of one of several vertebrae in the tail.

It most commonly occurs in Bulldogs. Other names for the condition include corkscrew tail, ingrown tail, tail fold dermatitis and tail fold intertrigo.

If your dog has a screw tail which is not causing problems,
but you would like it checking out, during your next visit to the vets, whether
this is for a booster or something else, ask your vet to examine your dog’s
tails and they will be able to advise the best course of action or any products
that may prevent complications happening.

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• Clumps of hair falling from the tail
• Bum rubbing or bum scooting
• Bad smells or smelly discharge from the tail area
• Redness and/or inflammation of the tail area

If left untreated, an infected tail pocket can cause great discomfort for your pet and potentially worse. Please seek your vets advise should your pet be experiencing any of these symptoms.
Fixed Price Package:

Screw Tail Amputation: £1,000

This includes:
• Consultation with your surgeon on the day of the surgery.
• Screw Tail amputation under general anaesthetic.
• Up to 10 days of medication to go home with.
• Buster cone or collar.
• 2 post operative appointments.

Noemi Vet with puppies at local Vets


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