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If your dog is pregnant, it’s important you know the right actions to take to ensure their and their puppy’s safety when they give birth. That’s why here at Local Vets in Halesowen, we specialise in providing Dog C sections near you that are done by our professional team of vets and nurses. Your dog’s health and comfort is our first priority, and ensuring we deliver their puppies without any trouble is our specialty.

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What Is A C-Section?

The removal of pups or kittens from the uterus requires extensive surgery known as a caesarean section, or C-Section. When a normal birth is difficult, this is typically done as an emergency operation.

Where feasible, it is recommended to have a natural birth; however, with particular breeds, such as English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Mastiffs, it is advised you seek out a Dog C-section near you to avoid any issues that could arise from a normal birth.

To avoid the need for emergency admission, our practice routinely schedules C-sections 58 to 62 days following the first mating. The ideal due date is typically within 24 hours of 63 days following ovulation. This timing could be incorrect, though, if accurate progesterone monitoring wasn't done at the time of breeding. Due to the possibility of early delivery in buckling animals with large litters, we advise keeping an eye on her in the final 48 hours before the operation to make sure she doesn't give birth alone.

What Happens On The Day

One of our veterinarians will conduct an ultrasound scan and a reverse progesterone test before beginning the Dog C-section near you to make sure the puppies are mature enough and the mother is almost ready for natural labour.

We advise you to bring the following items with you when you come in for your Caesarean:

  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Box or a basket for the puppies
  • Heat pad or hot water bottle (we will deliver heated gloves)


As an outpatient, your pet won't need to be hospitalised and may usually return home after a 2- to 3-hour stay. It's crucial to keep your dog from eating or drinking for at least five hours after surgery. A vet will thoroughly explain how to administer a range of drugs that will be sent home with you for your pet after the Dog C-section Near You.

Advice on taking care of your bitch and her babies after her C-Section near you:

  • Don't leave the puppies with the bitch alone until you're certain she'll accept them. Keep a watchful check on her when she is with the puppies to make sure she doesn't stand or sleep on them.
  • Maintain a thorough daily log of the puppies' weight, bowel movements, and feeding times. If the puppies are not gaining weight as expected or if they are starting to become dehydrated, be ready to bottle or tube feed them.
  • If the puppies aren't feeding well, have dark urine, or aren't gaining weight, get in touch with us for help.
  • Keep an eye on the bitch's stitches, feeding and drinking routine, and mammary glands. If she develops a fever, stops eating or drinking, or fails to urinate, take action and contact us
Local Vets can perform safe and experienced dog c-sections near you in Halesowen and Oldbury

Why Choose Local Vets for Your Dog C-Section

When you choose Local Vets for a dog c-section near you, we give you post-surgery information and ensure your dog is happy and pain-free doing their whole stay

The staff at local vets, which was established more than ten years ago out of a love for animals and a desire to ensure that they receive the best care possible, guarantees a courteous and knowledgeable service for your pets. As a result, we kept expanding and realised there was a critical demand for it.

With clinics in Halesowen and Oldbury, as well as emergency and around-the-clock care available, we are a well-equipped small animal veterinary practice that accepts referrals from all over the nation and specialise in providing Dog C-sections near you as your local vet.

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