Dog Entropion is an abnormality of the eyelids in which the
eyelid rolls inward.


Ectropion is an abnormality of the eyelids in which the
eyelid rolls outward.

This inward rolling often causes the hair on the surface of the eyelid to rub against the cornea resulting in pain, corneal ulcers, perforations, or pigment developing on the cornea which can interfere with vision. Medical treatment with antibiotic ointments can decrease damage to the cornea, but it cannot resolve the entropion itself. To fix the eyelid, surgery is needed.

In certain breeds, a degree of ectropion is considered normal (Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, Neapolitan Mastiffs). When the droop is excessive, causing problems or occurring in breeds with no predilection for ectropion, it is considered an ophthalmic problem. In most cases, ectropion does not need treatment but if the dog is suffering from persistent conjunctivitis or do not get the proper lubrication due to the sag in the eyelid, medication or surgical treatment will be considered.

Symptoms of Entropion:-

  • Weepy eye
  • Closing eye
  • Red eye
  • Irritation, Rubbing face
  • Recurring conjunctivitis
  • Recurring eye infections
  • Recurring eye ulcers


Breed: Some dogs such as; Bulldogs, Pugs, St Bernard, hold a higher risk of Entropion. This is due to having a lot of skin around their eyes.

Age: Just like humans, dogs can develop loose or saggy skin
with old age. This will allow the eyelids to roll inwards.

Weight Loss: Sometimes, weights loss can lead to saggy skin which in turn can lead to Entropion.

Injury: Rupture, Ulcerations, Cornea Pain can cause Entropion. Trauma to the eye or eyelid.

Ocular Pain: which may cause the eye to sink into the

Skin Problems: Due to irritation, this can lead to changes of the skin, potentially leading to Entropion.


Correcting entropion nearly always requires an operation. It’s similar to the “eye lift” cosmetic surgery in humans.

For puppies, we may advise ‘tacking’ the eyelid for a period of time until the pup is more fully developed.

Contact your vet for advice if you think your dog might have entropion. Don’t wait to see if the problem gets better - eye problems are often painful, and left untreated can lead to serious complications.

Please note that if your pet has other conditions caused by the Entropion, such as an ulcer, this treatment will not be covered under the cost of the entropion packages.


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