Cat Euthanasia

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Planning Goodbye

If your cat has been suffering in old age or they’re struggling with an injury or illness, cat euthanasia can be a kindness and a last resort for your cat. Call us today for advice on your cat and what the best decision is for them going forward.

Some signs to look out for if you’re considering cat euthanasia:

  • Struggling to get comfortable or looking awkward when lying/sitting down
  • Withdrawing and seeming quiet
  • Avoiding contact
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Disorientation and instability
  • Not eating/drinking
  • Not going outside so much
  • Not wanting to come inside
  • Vomiting or Inconsistent toileting habits
  • Shaking/shivering
  • Crying
cat euthanasia

Quality of Life

Local Vets want to ensure that your pets have a good quality of life and cat euthanasia can often be the best decision for your pet if they’re no longer able to enjoy their life because of suffering. Cats tend to be withdrawn creatures when they’re ill, and it can be difficult to determine the pain they’re in. If they aren’t showing signs like crying, for example, they may reveal their pain by sleeping more. Cat euthanasia can be a better option to avoid your cat suffering from poor quality of life.

How Does Euthanasia Work?

You can be by your cat’s side when you say goodbye but it’s best to be prepared for the process. Euthanising isn’t an easy experience for any pet owner and it is upsetting and distressing for many. It’s important to remember the reasons behind choosing this procedure in the first place. Your cat will no longer be suffering, and you will save them from having to experience poor quality of life. It’s a good idea to bring a family member or friend along to support you through this loss. Your appointment can be scheduled so that you have a little bit of time before and after saying goodbye and you’ll be in a private room with your vet.

Euthanasia is performed by injecting an overdose of anaesthetic. The patient often has a feeling of unconsciousness or dizziness within a few minutes. Your cat's heart stops beating, their muscles are entirely relaxed, and they typically breathe one last breath before passing away. The bladder may relax with the body, losing control and their eyes can remain open. Your vet will be by your side every step of the way and your cat will pass in just a minute or two, gently and peacefully.

If you believe that staying with your dog till the end would be too upsetting, we can guarantee you that they will receive the compassion they deserve from our veterinarians, and you shouldn't feel any regret if you decide not to

A Family Pet

If you have children and your family pet is going to be euthanised, it’s important to support young ones through this process of death and loss. Being honest with your kids about the process is always a better option, and making the decision with them is too. Whether they are there with you until the end or not, it is recommended you prepare your children for how cat euthanasia happens.

For Pet Bereavement Services see below:

Call: 08000966606 (seven days a week 8.30am-8.30pm)

The Pet Bereavement Support Service is a telephone helpline and email service that offers such support to bereaved pet owners, through a national network of trained volunteer befrienders.

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Specialised Services

There are many specialist services we can offer you. See below for our other services:

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We Are An Emergency Cat & Dog Vets As Well!

If you are in need of emergency vets for your cat, it is important to try to find a cat vets near you as quickly as possible. One way to locate an emergency veterinarian near you is to use an online directory or search engine to find a list of local veterinarians and then contact them to ask if they provide emergency care.

You can also try contacting our local Oldbury emergency clinic to speak to a member of the team about what your cat needs or what has happened. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, you should call us immediately and bring your dog to our Oldbury facility (unfortunately, we do not offer this at our Halesowen Vets.)

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