Learn about our surgery procedures

Our surgery is equipped with high tech anaesthetic and monitoring equipment for surgical procedures. We have some of the most comprehensive and up to date equipment in a non-referral veterinary practice.

Most common
elective dog surgery procedures include:

  • Spay 
  • Neuter 
  • Dental 
  • Growth removal 

Some of the
surgeries we perform here are:


  • ACL repair (Lateral Suture) 
  • Medial patellar luxation (MPL) 
  • Cruciate ACL  
  • X-ray
  • Referral to
    specialist as and when required
  • Tail
    Amputation (Screw Tail)

Soft Tissue:-

  • TECA (Total ear canal ablation) 
  • Foreign Body removal
  • Wound Reconstruction
  • Hernia correction 
  • Aural Hematoma
  • Splenectomy
  • Mass
  • Caesarean
  • Entropion

To name a few…

Check out our offers page
to see our fixed price procedures and offers.

Preparing your
pet for surgery:

My Animal is coming in for
a surgical procedure, what should I expect?

  • Your pet
    should have been given no food from 8pm last night and water taken away
    from 2hours prior to your appointment.
  • They should
    have been given ample opportunity to relieve themselves before coming into
    the practice. There is grassed areas outside if they haven’t
  • Due to the
    unknown please bear in mind that emergencies can walk through the door at
    any given moment and we have to prioritise. This means that your pet may
    be with us anything from 2hours to 8hours. It depends on what comes
    through that door. Please understand that we will do everything in our
    power to get them back to you as soon as they are ready. Their safety and
    wellbeing is our priority.
  • If you are
    unsure of anything to do with the procedure, ask to speak to the vet or
    one of the nurses to discuss your questions or concerns, we want you to
    know exactly what is going on.
  • We offer
    pre-anaesthetic blood tests on the day of the surgery for £80. This is for
    ours and your pets benefit. It is optional, of course but this is just a
    brief reasoning why we offer. If your animal needed any medications in the
    next 6 months that may affect their organs it means we can revert to these
    blood results to ensure safe prescribing. It also means that if we are
    operating and any of your pets organs are slightly compromised, we can use
    alternative anaesthesia protocols to compensate for this which is safer
    for them. It gives us mainly liver and kidney function readings, which is
    how the anaesthetic is broken down and excreted from the body, so can be
    very useful for both us and your pet. If your pet came in unwell though
    and blood tests were offered due to find the right diagnosis these would
    be different as something may have happened between then and now so we
    would do a more detailed blood analysis. These cost more. We will advise
    you of costs at the time.
  • Please bear
    in mind that by law we have to have seen your pet within the last 6 months
    to be able to prescribe medications due to weight change etc. Some of
    these medications will require blood samples to be taken, again for safe
  • If your pet
    is nervous of other animals or men/women, anything that can make it as
    stress free for them we want to know. Whilst in our care, your pets are
    our pets, and we want best for them
  • Please make
    sure that we have correct contact details for you so when they are ready
    to go home we can call you and get them back to you with no hiccups
  • If there is
    anything else you would like us to do whilst they are sleeping e.g nail
    clip or check something you may have felt, then ask at reception and they
    will add it on for you. Obviously, this may alter the price
  • If your pet
    is in for elbow/hip scoring or anything of official nature please make
    sure you have all the paperwork you need filled in and for us to fill in
    also so we can get it processed as soon as possible
  • If your animal is insured and you
    want to claim, please speak to your insurer first. We just submit the
    claim you ask for; they can give more details and advise on different ways
    to do this. Make sure it is also all filled in and the forms we need are
    with you and we will fill it in for you. This also includes direct claims
    as the insurer must authorise or we will be asking for the payment up
    front. There is a charge for submission of forms if done directly.
    Pre-authorised claims must be submitted 7 days prior to treatment.

If there are any parts you
feel are not covered on here please contact us and we will do our best to
provide you with the information you need.

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