24 Hour Emergency Vet Near Me

If you’re searching for 24 hour emergency vet near me, choose Local Vets for a well-established and quality vet near you for around-the-clock care. Our pets are not just animals: they’re family, and when they are ill, it can be the worse time of your life.

A crucial element in providing your pet with prompt assistance in an emergency is knowing whom to call and where to go. Because of this, at Local Vets, we are open 7 days a week, and provide a 24 hour contact number should you encounter an emergency.

For a 24 hour emergency vet near me, choose Local Vets.

Why Choose Local Vets as a 24 Hour Emergency Vet Near Me

With clinics in Halesowen and Oldbury, we can provide you with emergency and around-the-clock care as a 24 Hour Emergency Vet Near you. Here at Local Vets, we are a well-equipped small animal veterinary clinic that welcomes referrals from across the country and focuses exclusively on giving your pet the best possible treatment.

Our experts at Local Vets will continually ensure that your pet receives the greatest treatment while in our facilities because we have been in business for more than 10 years. Therefore, we can assure your animals a considerate and knowledgeable service.

How Our Out Of Hours Service Works

When you choose us as your 24 hour emergency vet near me, we always ensure your pet remains comfortable and out of pain when they stay with us. Regardless of the time of day, our veterinary specialists are here to help 365 days a year.

Regular checks will be made on your pet throughout the night to make sure that any changes are noticed and that any necessary drugs are administered. Our expertise in emergency, trauma-based, and critical care standards ensures that your pet is always in the best care and is never left alone.

Please take a moment to let us know you are coming if there is an emergency so we can be as prepared as possible. We may also be able to provide you some first aid advice while you are travelling to us.

At Local

Need quick help? Call us on 0121 716 8000 or 0121 296 7776 to speak to a member of staff.

Give us a call should your pet need emergency care with us at Local Vets

What To Do In An Emergency

It's always advisable to speak with a specialist when your pet has an urgent issue. We can inform you if your pet is having an emergency or if their symptoms or behaviour are normal and nothing to be concerned about if you call us at 0121 716 8000 for our Oldbury site or 0121 296 7776 for our Halesowen location.

To make sure your pet isn't in distress or danger for any longer than necessary, we would always advise seeking a professional opinion, so come to us as a 24 Hour Emergency Vet Near you.

Contact Us for 24/7 Emergency Care

Contact us at Local Vets for an experienced and quality service to care for you pet efficiently and with care. Head to our website or give us a call on 0121 716 8000 for our Oldbury location or 0121 296 7776 for our Halesowen location.

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