Bulldog Dry Eye

Unique Breed, Common Conditions

Bulldog Dry Eye can be a common condition in bulldogs and a few other breeds but can be treated at home with our advice. Also known as Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca’, the dryness of the membrane covering the surface of the eye. Bulldog’s eyes are very sensitive and due to the nature of their skin folds, the areas around the eyes and muzzle on their face can become tear stained and dirty.

It is recommended that you wipe your dog’s face daily to prevent excess moisture with a non-fragrance baby wipe or wet towel and dry them afterwards. This will help with certain skin conditions your Bulldog could develop too. Bulldog Dry eye is something that will more likely develop in senior dogs when their tear ducts decrease tear production. There is not a simple treatment that will cure this entirely as the breed is known to develop such conditions. Yet keeping the eye area clean will prevent crusty eyes and the surrounding areas from being affected too.

Book in to see your vet if your Bulldog has started to show signs of tear staining. It’s usually harmless but could be the result of an eye problem. Bulldog Dry Eye can be treated with lubricating eye drops and a preventative too.

Bulldog Dry Eye

Symptoms of Bulldog Dry Eye

Redness and inflammation

Excessive blinking or squinting

Discharge or crusting around the eye

Cloudy or hazy appearance on the cornea

Sensitivity to light

Change in behaviour like rubbing the eyes

Why Choose Local Vets?

Our speciality in the Bulldog breed means we can care for your dog with our extensive knowledge and offer the right treatments for your pet. We have care and advice for screw tail conditions, issues with joints, skin and dermatology treatment and general health care tips for this unique breed. Bulldog Dry Eye can be uncomfortable for your pet so visiting us will help them have a better quality of life and remain comfortable despite these common issues. Bulldogs can develop other eye conditions like Cherry Eye which Local Vets can treat too. Read more about it on our website. We put our patients first and no matter your pet’s breed, species or age, we will cater to their needs and make them our priority.

Bulldog Dry Eye

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Services We Offer

Bulldog Treatment Specialists

We love all animals at Local Vets Halesowen, but did you know we are one of the country's leading veterinary centres for bulldog treatment?

Our surgeon Rumen trained under Tom Bingham (the renowned bulldog specialist). Rumen's years of learning the particular quirks of the bulldog breed, this knowledge has been passed on to our entire team including our receptionist to our vets and nurses.

Specialist Services we offer include:

  • Dietary and behavioural advice
  • Allergy investigation and treatment
  • Entropion (inverted eyelids) treatment
  • BOAS (Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome) treatment
  • Orthopaedics such as luxating patellar and Cranial cruciate ligament repair
  • Screw Tail Correction

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