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Come to us at Local Vets if you're looking for vets for your dog in Birmingham who offer a variety of trustworthy services. We serve the surrounding Birmingham areas and give our customers' dogs the best care possible at our facilities in Halesowen and Oldbury. Being a well-equipped veterinary clinic that can serve all animals of various sizes and shapes, we take referrals from all across the nation as dog veterinarians in Birmingham.

Why Choose us As Your Dog Vets In Birmingham

Our passion for animals led to the founding of our veterinary clinic, and throughout the past ten years, we have expanded steadily. To give the animals in our care the best possible care and treatments, we have assembled a team of compassionate and skilled veterinarians and nurses. Unlike other dog veterinarians in Birmingham, we have the team's knowledge and skill to conduct a variety of procedures in-house.

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Affordable Vets for dogs In Birmingham

We recognise that paying for veterinary care can be very costly, and occasionally you might not have enough money to treat your dog as it needs to be. Here at Your Local Vets for Dogs in Birmingham, we have designed our service to offer the best possible care at the most affordable prices. Our committed team of nurses and doctors will work tirelessly to give your beloved dog 5* treatment.

We also provide discounts and coupons to our clients to make the process of paying for treatments a little bit simpler. We have a few things to offer your dog, like:

  • Puppy Vaccinations for from £30
  • Dental Treatments at £200
  • Cherry Eye Treatments from £100


If you are interested in other offers we have available, please click here for more information and packages.

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The Services We Provide At Local Vets For Dogs

In addition to providing a broad range of veterinary services, we at Local Vets are experts in treating Bulldog-specific conditions. To learn more, select one of our services below:

And many more!

The Importance Of Getting Treatment For Your dog

To ensure your dog has a long, healthy life, make sure you check on them frequently and make medical care investments. The majority of dog owners know that when their pets are sick or hurt, they should take them to the vet, but did you realise that annual exams can be just as advantageous for healthy dogs?

If you choose Local Vets in Birmingham as your go-to vets for dogs, we can treat an illness in its early stages thanks to early detection and intervention. Our service is dedicated and affordable. Once that is established, we can treat the illness with medication or minor lifestyle modifications, and we can also offer you advice on how to maintain your pet's health and avoid future medical issues.

By delaying getting your dog the proper care, you run the risk of shortening their life. Additionally, we at Local Vets won't support the idea of a sick pet being left in excruciating discomfort while no treatment is provided.

If your dog needs veterinarian care, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

24/7 Emergency care Available As Well!

We provide our clients with a wide range of services in addition to round-the-clock emergency treatment. We are trustworthy and knowledgeable vets for dogs in Birmingham, and we always have medical professionals on staff.

When you bring your dog in for an emergency, we will examine it routinely throughout the night to make sure that any changes are identified and that any required medication is given. Our proficiency with emergency, trauma-focused, and critical care standards guarantees that your dog will never be left unattended and will always receive the best care.

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Contact your Local vets for dogs in Birmingham

Invest in only the best care for your dog and get in touch with us here at Local Vets as vets for dogs in Birmingham, that can provide you with affordable treatments. Call us on 0121 716 800 for our Oldbury centre or 0121 296 7776 for Halesowen, and a member of our team will be on hand to help.