Progesterone Testing

In dogs, Progesterone testing is a method used by vets to monitor the levels of the hormone progesterone in females. This type of testing is important when it comes to breeding and reproduction. Progesterone testing provides an accurate guide to the dog’s reproductive cycle and can provide a predicted ovulation period. Progesterone testing helps veterinary healthcare professionals make informed decisions about reproductive health and fertility treatments.  

At Local Vets, our team is experienced in fertility treatments for dogs including progesterone testing. Our veterinary experts are on hand to support you and your dog through the journey to successful breeding, providing the highest-quality care and professional guidance.  

How Progesterone Testing Works

Progesterone testing is most effective during the female dog’s estrus cycle. If the last heat cycle for the dog is known, then the progesterone testing can take place 3 – 5 days into the new heat cycleThe process of testing is efficient due to progesterone levels rising as oestrogen levels fall during ovulationThis stage is known as standing heat for the dog, and as progesterone levels continue to rise it can cause a luteinizing hormone (LH) which then precipitates ovulation. This means your dog is now fertile with the opportunity for optimal breeding typically taking place 2 days after ovulation. 

How Does The Progesterone Testing Process Work? 

  • First, book an appointment with our team of experts who will be able to talk you through the process.  
  • Once your dog is all booked in, a member of our team will collect blood samples from your pooch. The vet will use the samples to begin the progesterone testing process.  
  • This blood sample will then be analysed and assessed to understand the concentration of progesterone.  
  • Once this is done, our Local Vets Team will track these progesterone levels and over time understand the patterns taking place. These will then provide us with information about your dog's heat cycle. 
  • Finally, from this information, our vets can estimate the most beneficial time for successful breeding to maximise the chances of pregnancy for your dog. 
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The Benefits Of Progesterone Testing For Your Dogs

There are more benefits to progesterone testing than just optimising breeding timing. Of course, this is a big benefit as it allows the likelihood of a successful conception to be increased. This is especially helpful for dogs where there is no prior knowledge of what a ‘normal’ cycle looks like for that individual or dogs with a chance of high-risk pregnancies.  

Off the back of this, progesterone testing can also be beneficial for avoiding Pseudopregnancies; this is when a dog can have a false pregnancy. Having a more accurate timeframe for breeding can help reduce the chance of this condition taking place during the estrus cycle. 

Thus can also be beneficial by providing reproductive management for dog breeders who are dealing with an array of different dogs in breeding programs. Understanding the dog's progesterone levels means you can produce reproductive management that is tailored specifically to each dog. 

Choose Local Vets For Progesterone Testing

By choosing local vets for progesterone testing, you’re choosing a veterinary clinic that ensures a comprehensive and professional approach to reproductive care.  

Comprehensive Services: From pet microchipping, to neutering, and euthanasia to vaccinations, we provide a complete range of services and treatments. Our experienced team of vets also offer 24-hour veterinary emergency care services for your pets.  

Professional Expertise: Croft Vets has a team of experienced and knowledgeable veterinarians, nurses, and support staff who provide top-quality and professional care so you can rest assured that your pet is in the best hands. A friendly and understanding team can create a positive and comfortable environment for animals. 

State-of-the-art Facilities: Local Vets have invested in modern and well-euipped facilities, including diagnostic tools and technologies. This can contribute to accurate diagnoses and effective treatment for your pet.  

Transparent Pricing and Communication: Clear communication about pricing, treatment plans, and procedures can contribute to a transparent and trustworthy relationship between the veterinary clinic and pet owners. 

Get started on the path to more successful breeding today, our clinics are ready and waiting to support your dog through their journey. If you have any more questions about our Progesterone Testing services here at Local Vets.