Dog and Cat Microchipping

Is Microchipping Your Pet Compulsory?

Yes, it is a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped and cats are now legally required to be microchipped by June 2024. You will face a fine for not microchipping your pet and it is an important procedure to ensure the safety of all pets. It is a good idea to get your dog and cat microchipping done at Local Vets so that if your pet ever went missing or is stolen, they can be returned to you with the contact information kept on the microchip.

The Microchip is detected by a scanner that brings up your contact details on a database. It is a quick and safe procedure and is one of the most effective ways of protecting dogs and cats.

How Does Microchipping Work?

The procedure of dog and cat microchipping is simple, quick and painless. All it takes is inserting a small chip under the skin between the shoulders of your pet and this will contain a unique code. It will cause them no pain, it’s much like getting an infection and they won’t need any recovery time. Many kittens and puppies receive their microchipping while also getting neutered.

When Should My Dog/Cat Be Microchipped?

If you have adopted your cat or dog, they will most likely already be microchipped but if not, they should be microchipped as soon as possible. There is no specific age at which your pets should be microchipped however, they should be done as soon as possible. Most kittens and puppies coming from a breeder should already be microchipped from their early vet visits.

Need to Update Your Pet’s Contact Information?

If you’re adopting a dog or cat, the shelter will update their contact information when you take them home with you after filling in some paperwork. But they will provide you with everything you need to know about dog and cat microchipping. If you are moving house for example, and need to update your pet’s microchip information, get in contact with us to verify your information. This is very important and many pet owners forget to update their information meaning their pets could get lost and not returned to them.

Book in for Dog and Cat Microchipping Today

If you’re in need of microchipping services, get in touch with Local Vets today. Microchipping is a straightforward, quick procedure and affordable as it is a requirement. If you are in need of our other services, see here for what we do.

Services We Offer

Bulldog Treatment Specialists

We love all animals at Local Vets Halesowen, but did you know we are one of the country's leading veterinary centres for bulldog treatment?

Our surgeon Rumen, trained under Tom Bingham (the renowned bulldog specialist). He spent years learning the particular quirks of this beautiful breed and this knowledge has been passed on to our entire team including our receptionist to our vets and nurses.

Specialist Services we offer include:

  • Dietary and behavioural advice
  • Allergy investigation and treatment
  • Orthopaedics such as luxating patellar and Cranial cruciate ligament repair
  • BOAS (Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome) treatment
  • Entropion (inverted eyelids) treatment
  • Screw Tail Correction

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