Bulldog Vet Specialist

What's Special About A Bulldog Veterinary Facility?

Bulldogs may require a different level of attention. We can assist with your bulldog's care as we are bulldog vet specialists! Please read the material below or get in touch with us.

What is a Bulldog Vet Specialist?

Being highly certified with a lot of expertise and experience, our specialists here at Local Vets are proud to declare that we welcome Bulldogs. We can confidently treat any brachycephalic breeds of dogs, including the Bulldog, with the specialised extra care that Bulldogs demand.

Due to their intentional breeding, Bulldogs are frequently more susceptible to certain health problems than other breeds. We can guarantee you that our love and dedication to the breed is unmatched, even if it can be challenging to find a veterinarian who genuinely understands Bulldog health. We are well known for seeing bulldogs from all over the nation and have established a solid reputation for being incredibly good with them, which has led to us being highly recommended.

Bulldog Specialists

Bulldog Vet Specialist Services

Your bulldog might not require all of the services that are offered to other pets. Because bulldogs are purposefully developed to be larger than other dogs, they are more likely to have a variety of health issues.

Additional health problems that may impact bulldogs include of:

  • Cherry Eye: The third eyelid on bulldogs is typically hidden. But when their eyelid is displaced or misaligned, the pink or red portion of the mass becomes visible, exposing a protrusion surrounding the eyelid. Cherry Eye can be treated with the assistance of our team of certified Bulldog Vets at Local Vets. Click here to learn more about our cherry eye treatment.


  • Brachycephalic Syndrome (Soft Palette): This is a typical occurrence among dogs with flat faces, such as bulldogs. Dogs with flat faces are frequently the result of certain breeding practices, however these practices can also lead to common health problems as Soft Palette. This is the area where airway obstructions may make it harder for your bulldog to breathe. The signs and symptoms of Brachycephalic syndrome include nasal discharge, snoring, and shortness of breath when exerting yourself. See how our bulldog-focused veterinarians can assist in treating soft palate by reading more about it here.


  • Dermatological Issues: Because of the extra skin layers covering their faces, bulldogs may have skin issues that other dogs do not. They are more vulnerable to bacterial skin issues because of their extra skin. See more about our dermatological treatment for bulldogs here if your dog needs it as part of our bulldog specialist veterinary services.
bulldog vet specialist services

Bulldog Vet specialist in Halesowen & Oldbury

Our veterinary practices and bulldog vet specialists and located in Halesowen and Oldbury!

If you are looking for a bulldog vet specialists in Halesowen or Oldbury then please get in touch with us today! Our Halesowen base and Oldbury vets are kitted out with top quality equipment, with a bulldog vet specialist team! Click here for a virtual browse through Local Vets Halesowen and Oldbury.

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Invest in only the best care for your bulldog and get in touch with us here at Local Vets as bulldog vet specialists, who will provide you with affordable treatments. Call us on 0121 716 800 for our Oldbury centre or 0121 296 7776 for Halesowen, and a bulldog specialist will be on hand to help.