Sperm Motility Testing

Sperm Motility Testing at Local Vets

Our Canine Sperm Motility Testing services can be used with stud dogs semen collected from dogs around 12 months old and onwards.

We check the overall Motility of the sperm which is vital to ensure the sperm can move towards an egg. We also check the sperm count and morphology looking at the form and structure of the sperm cells. These tests are vital for breeding programmes to be successful and are always used with canine artificial.

All our stud dog sperm Motility testing is issued with a certificate that shows the dog has a good sperm Motility for the breeder to use.

We will always carry out a general examination and look at historical information as this is all vital to the assessment. An examination of the testicles, penis, prepuce and prostate will be carried out. We will also check the cardiovascular systems of the stud dog ensuring everything is fit and healthy.

We recommend that the sperm mobility tests are conducted before the bitch is ready for mating and always is if using canine artificial.

Semen can be collected from most stud males without the need for teaser bitch to be in heat but it is recommended as this will help speed up the procedure and allow more sperm to be collected.

You do not have to use a teaser bitch but sometimes if this is the first time or the dog appears to be nervous then a teaser bitch that is in heat will help considerably.

After a stud dog has been tested the semen collected for insemination can be used fresh or can be cooled and shipped to another location or stored.

Our canine semen is collected on a non-slip surface using digital pressure and massage technique.


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