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Travelling Abroad With A Pet?

Get Your Pet Passport Today in Birmingham

To bring your pet abroad, you'll require either an EU Pet Passport or an animal health certificate (AHC). Thankfully, at Local Vets, our dedicated team of pet experts are here to help guide you through the process of getting pet passports in Birmingham and beyond. 

It's advisable to begin the process at least four months before your intended travel date, and a pet passport or travel certificate can only be provided by an Official Veterinary or OV. 

Our registered Official Veterinarians and OV’s can provide speedy and accurate advice on official documentation and necessary health requirements, as well as essential services such as pet microchipping, vaccination and blood testing prior to travel. Appointment slots are limited however, so book with us today ensure you get your pet passport in time. 

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What Are Pet Passports?

On January 1, 2021, new laws were implemented regarding the travel of your dog, cat, or ferret outside of the EU and Northern Ireland (NI). British-issued pet passports are no longer good for travel to Northern Ireland or other EU nations.   

Therefore, you can use a pet passport to let them enter or re-enter the UK from EU nations without having to place them in quarantine. As long as your pet meets the following criteria: 

  • An animal health certificate or a valid pet passport (check that your pet’s passport is accepted in the country you are travelling to) 
  • A microchip 
  • A current rabies vaccination 
  • Tapeworm treatment for dogs if you’re travelling directly to Finland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway or Malta 

Before you go, find out if your pet passport is acceptable and whether you require any further supporting documentation, if you already have one.  

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How Do I Get A Pet Passport in Birmingham?

Only an Official Veterinarian (OV) has the authority to issue a pet passport or an AHC. When obtaining either of these, you'll be required to bring your pet, along with their vaccination and medical records, which should include evidence of rabies vaccinationto one of our dedicated veterinarians. 

When Should I Apply For A Pet Passport?

Depending on where you are travelling (in or outside of the EU), you need to allow as much time as possible to reduce any risk of delay. We highly recommend starting the process 4 months prior to travel, to ensure no complications in your pet’s healthcare assessment. 

What Other Factors Do I Need To Consider?

Ensure to verify whether the company you're traveling with will: 

  • Accommodate your pet for travel and their policy on multiple pets. 
  • Require any evidence of your pet's fitness and health for travel, such as a veterinary letter or specific details in your travel documentation. 

Your pet must also be a minimum of 12 weeks (84 days) old before receiving rabies vaccination for pet travel purposes. These regulations are standardised across the EU to facilitate compliance checks and prevent the movement of very young pets within the EU. 

It's essential to ensure that your pet fully adheres to the regulations of the EU Pet Travel Scheme before departing from the UK. For individuals intending to travel within the EU with more than five pets or return to the UK with them (except for participation in shows or competitions), additional regulations must be followed. 

We also strongly advise scheduling an appointment with us to assess your pet's health and suitability for travel, as your pet may be exposed to diseases not present in the UK, posing a risk to their health. 

Why Choose Us For Pet Passports In Birmingham?

With facilities in Halesowen and Oldbury, we at Local Vets are reputable and skilled veterinary specialists. Our top goal is to provide the best care at the most affordable cost. All of our nurses and veterinarians have completed the most extensive training programmes to ensure the highest calibre of care, and we take great satisfaction in advancing the wellbeing and security of all of our clients' animal companions.

To begin preparing the vacation of a lifetime, contact us immediately and let us to handle obtaining your pet's export certificate or passport. 

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