Progesterone Testing Services

Progesterone Testing Services by Local Vets

Progesterone Testing is important because there are multiple hormones involved in the regulation of the estrus (heat) cycle and identification of the timing of ovulation is vital to maximise fertility, and pregnancy for dogs.

If a dog’s previous heat cycle pattern is known then our progesterone test can be carried out about 3 to 5 days into the heat cycle.

Identification of the timing of ovulation is of primary importance to maximise fertility, also for management of parturition with regard to high-risk pregnancies and cycle management. It can be especially useful in maiden bitches where there is no knowledge of what would be “normal” for the individual.

Progesterone testing works very well because prior to ovulation as oestrogen falls, progesterone rises from basal levels. This is when the bitch will come into what is known as standing heat and with progesterone levels rising further this causes a luteinizing hormone (LH) surge which precipitates ovulation.

This is the point the bitch dog becomes fertile with optimal breeding typically being 2 days, post ovulation.


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