Artificial Insemination

What is Artificial Insemination?

Breeding across the world

Breeders can choose semen from everywhere in the world or even a deceased dog. This allows them to increase the quality of a breed by choosing semen from a dog which is intelligent, well-behaved, etc. Shipping semen is much more convenient and cheaper than travelling a dog. Traveling can increase dog’s stress level and risk of injury. Moreover, taking a male outside of his normal environment can cause insecurity and make his attention wander.

Prevent diminished gene pool & enhance the genetics of the kennel

Small gene pool and low genetic diversity can cause reduced biological fitness and an increased chance of extinction. Small gene pool allows the genetic disease to pass on to offsets easier. Since, there is a high chance that two dogs with the same genetic disease will be mated. Artificial Insemination makes it possible for a breeder to diversify dog genetically.

Prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infection

There is no physical interaction in Artificial Insemination. Therefore, it prevents both dogs from sexually transmitted diseases, such as CTVT, Brucellosis, and CHV. These diseases can cause cancer, miscarriages, or sterility. It also helps prevents infection happened from injury during mating. However, there is still a risk for some diseases that transmit through semen. Thus, semen evaluation is required prior to insemination.

Less concern about behaviour problems

When in heat, dog behaviour is unpredictable. It might be extremely timid or aggressive which can obstruct breeding. Without contact between dogs, Artificial Insemination helps reducing dog’s stress and to allow for the successful insemination. It also makes it easier to breed too young, or no interest in the breeding dog. Apart from that AI can be used with older dogs. It allows breeders to collect and calculate a number of live sperm that enough for each insemination tube.

Friendly with both dogs and owners

As one ejaculate can be split into multiple semen doses for AI, those doses can be used to repeat breeding or breed many bitches without risking exhaustion of the dog. For owners, using chilled or frozen semen allows them to breed their dogs whenever they are convenient.


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