Dog Pregnancy Scan

To confirm a positive result and guarantee a secure pregnancy, you must schedule a dog pregnancy scan if you suspect your dog may be pregnant. Through the heartbeats and sizes of the puppies, our dog pregnancy scan process can also reveal the size of the litter and their health. We also offer ultra-reliable ultrasounds of the greatest quality, which ensure accurate confirmations and insights.

Use Local Vets For Your Dog Pregnancy Scan

As an experienced veterinary practice, our professional team at Local Vets can provide a reliable and pain-free dog pregnancy scan at our Oldbury and Halesowen facilities. We always ensure that your pets receive the highest levels of care when in our practices, and our dog pregnancy scan poses no risk to the mother of puppies, so it’s imperative you visit us to do a scan as soon as we can.

During the dog pregnancy scan, we will also provide you with a full consultation with a specialist who will provide you with important information and assessment of your dog you need to ensure a safe pregnancy.

When Should You Book A Dog Pregnancy Scan?

Our team at Local Vets can perform a dog pregnancy scan as early as day 21. Our professional dog scanners should be able to provide a basic puppy count at 21 days following the initial mating. Additionally, an early ultrasound scan on your dog can aid in the identification of dangerous illnesses like pyometra. With early ultrasound scans, you can also determine whether your dog is reabsorbing her babies and what you can do to stop it.

But for a precise count, we advise waiting 25 to 35 days. An earlier dog pregnancy scan makes it easier to confirm pregnancy and ensures that we catch any potential problems as soon as they arise. Reabsorption and uterine difficulties are two examples of some of the problems that we can identify early.

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Dog pregnancy scans are important to determine how long your dog has been pregnant for and for puppy evaluations.

Signs Of Pregnancy In Dogs

Your dog is unlikely to exhibit many symptoms of pregnancy in the early stages other from slightly bigger or pinker nipples and a swollen vulva. However, as her pregnancy continues, you will start to see more overt indications, like:

  • Gaining weight and developing a solid, round stomach that begins to sag
  • increased appetite (especially during the second half of pregnancy)
  • development of the mammary glands and milk (from the 5th week)
  • low vigour
  • Changes in behaviour, including nesting, being quieter than usual, and occasionally hostility (especially around the time of whelping)

If your dog is exhibiting any of the above symptoms, book a dog pregnancy scan with local vets today.

Caring For A Pregnant Dog

Once you've had a dog pregnancy scan and established the pregnancy, ensuring she stays happy and healthy throughout is very important!

       Suitable Nutrition

Making sure your pregnant bitch is properly nourished is among the most crucial things you can do for her. You won't need to alter your dog's diet for the first two-thirds of her pregnancy if she is already eating high-quality dog food and is a healthy weight unless your veterinarian instructs you otherwise. In fact, adding more food at this point may be hazardous.


Some veterinarians think that restricting vigorous exercise during the first two weeks of pregnancy would improve the implantation of the embryos if you're trying to breed your dog. Normal exercise is then acceptable until your dog's belly enlarges. The best activity for your dog during her final trimester should not be particularly demanding. The mother-to-be would benefit more from shorter and perhaps more frequent walks since she needs her stamina to carry the puppies and provide them with food.

We Can Also Perform C-Sections

We can also provide professional C -Sections at your veterinary facilities. To avoid the need for emergency admission, our practice routinely schedules C-sections 58 to 62 days following the first mating. The ideal due date is typically within 24 hours of 63 days following ovulation. This timing could be incorrect, though, if accurate progesterone monitoring wasn't done at the time of breeding. Due to the possibility of early delivery in buckling animals with large litters, we advise keeping an eye on her in the final 48 hours before the operation to make sure she doesn't give birth alone.

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